Great Early Snow bases at North American Ski Resorts

Update from 5th December – check out the bases at the North American Ski resorts already!  Lots of snowfall predicted so this is only the start! If you’re up there or about to head up there, do send us a note to tell us all about it!

Sun Peaks Resort’s Latest Update

With total snowfall to date nearing around 3.5 metres and a snow base of just over a metre, Sun Peaks is set for yet another exciting season! Check out all the fun and festivities of New Years Eve just gone

WARNING – if you have not been or are desperate for some powder you will be tempted to call us and make a booking!


Ski Holiday to Sun Peaks from NZ

Ski Holiday to Sun Peaks from Australia

Beautiful bluebird conditions at Sun Peaks Resort

Sun Peaks received its first real dose of Vitamin D this weekend as the sun came out for some beautiful bluebird conditions. Crystal stole the show on Saturday, swimming above the cloud layer, but on Sunday the entire mountain was bathed in wonderful sunshine. As promised, there was great snow on Mt. Morrisey for its seasonal debut. As Mother Nature continues with her generosity Sun Peaks can look forward to full winter operations soon.

Late afternoon on Sunday at the top of Sundance

On Saturday, skiers stop to gaze at the rainbow around the sun on the 5 Mile

Seth, Sun Peak Resort’s Slopes and Grooming Manager’s main goal this summer was to create more beautiful gladding for skiers and riders, which will be the main emphasis over the next couple of years.  Because of tree removal from pine beetle kill and also the ability to limb the trees at 18’, Sun Peaks were able to open up most of the treed areas. Sun Peaks have big plans for the resort and aim to have the best and most glade skiing available in the future.
This summer showed them what they could really accomplish and next year they are planning to really amp it up! Seven guys worked four days a week on 10 hour shifts and did an amazing amount of work for the size of the crew. As winter groomers, they knew the problem areas and were able to concentrate on some of their favourite lines.
To experience some of their handiwork head to the trees around East and West Bushwacker which were opened up and limbed this summer.

Super fun trees on the right! West Bushwacker pictured with the village and Mt. Morrisey in the background

In addition to the gladding they also worked to widen and clear runs of brush and obstacles. 5th Avenue, a black run accessed via Distributor, was cleared using brush and chain saws all the way to the bottom and is going to become part of regular grooming schedule. Intimidator, another black run off Distributor, was also cleared and will now be a mogul run this season. On Burfield, Challenger, a favourite double black was brushed top to bottom. This was quite a feat for the crew, walking up the very steep terrain carrying their brush saws. Back Door and Sunny Side were brushed and will be part of the regular grooming this season (Expo will be done next summer). The trail out of Kookamungas was also widened.

The crew also hit Mt. Morrisey hard as it hadn’t really been done since it opened, including a locals’ favourite, Spin Cycle.  Delta’s Return was re-graded to make it more user friendly for people heading back to that side of the mountain.

Now you are in the know on some of the best new spots on the mountain. Thanks to the Sun Peak Resort’s summer trail crew and the winter operations team for keeping the mountain in such great shape for all of us!
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Sun Peaks Ski Trip from NZ

Sun peaks Ski Trip from Australia

Snowy Start to November at Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb is busy preparing for the upcoming ski and snowboard season with over 70 cm (28 in) of snow falling in the past week. Last season in November Whistler Blackcomb experienced the snowiest month ever with 560 cm (220 in). With the La Niña weather system forecasted to bring cooler temperatures and more precipitation than normal to the region, could this be the start to another record month?

Countdown to opening day, November 25, is on!

Ski Whistler from NZ

Ski Whistler from Australia

Our Ski Newsletter SnowTimes September 2010

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